Friday, January 29, 2010

Let me clear my thrrrrrroat!

I have set a goal that I will ride my bike to this event.
I wasn't able to go last year, and I heard it was epic.
My buddy Dan Druff won Best Pre-Unit, and everybody from SoCal in the moto world came out. This one promises to be even better. Check it out.
Now I just have to finish this god damn bike.

Babe Ruth.
From Northern England in the early 70's, a ruling rock band who recorded the classic break,
"The Mexican".

The album artwork is simply incredible.

While the recorded version is my personal favorite, this is just ridiculous.

Max Cady, a total badass, and my role model tattoo-wise.
I'm not kidding.
Although I'm drawing the line at, "Loretta".

Though drastic and mean,
it really sums up how I feel when people push their vegan politics in my face.
If you don't want to eat or wear animals, fine, that's your choice, fantastic.
But don't feel like you have to tell me about it. Really.
It doesn't make you punk rock, and it doesn't make you Morrissey.
It just makes you vegan.
I don't rant about steak and ribs and how I wear leather,
so why do you have to politicize your seitan?
Cause the more you talk about it, the more it drives me to becoming Ted Nugent.

Still my dream car.
1969 Chrysler 300, though I wouldn't kick a 70' out of bed.

Saw the arabparrot at my boy DJ Adam 12's bday party at his 1985-1995 hip-hop club, Afex.
We may have made the no-fly list.

My boy Aaron Rose is kind of a fucking genius.
These are his new kicks he designed for DC.
Soon those crispy chocolate brown bastards on gonna be on these feet.

The new HD Forty Eight.
I think I'm feelin' this.
Not sure yet.
Wouldn't turn a free one down (Hint x 2),
but I'm looking forward to seeing it in person.
One thing is for sure, if I got this and took it over to Evil Spirit, we could definitely turn it into something special.

The best.

I should have covered this on the day of, but it's not about breaking the story, it's about experiencing life and writing about it, sometimes as it happens, sometimes after. For me, mostly after.
Last month we lost a man who was arguably one of the greatest writers of all time
For me, it was Nine Stories that drew me into the mind and the world of this American treasure, but in the end, Franny And Zooey still holds a special place in my heart.
If you are dating a girl and she doesn't like this book, run.

Terry and Donald.
I dig these guys a lot.
Nice to see them together in a pic.
Besides not being able to see your friends,
the only thing that sucks about living in LA is it's not New York.

Lost is back.


  1. Thanks Justin for always bringing me back for more of your insites of the world.

  2. HELL YEAH!! LOST SEASON 6! as crazy as ever! i still don't know how they can cram an ending to the show during this final season.

  3. OMFG! I heard that song on the radio one day while driving and didn't get to catch the name of the band/song. Your right the clean version is freakn' awsome!