Monday, March 9, 2009

Live from Bedford-Stuyvesant, the livest one, representing BK to the fullest.


And in lighter news...

Dylan Reider is about to drop the craze shoes. Sort of a Repetto style joint. They look worn in, cozy, just about skateable, and exaclty like the powder grey Capezios I rocked back in 6th and 7th grade. I would normally never blink at a Gravis shoe, believe me, my loyalty is with Supra and I was born in Vans, but seriously, a dance shoe, this is beyond. 
Pray the kids wearing those horrible Tom's never get a hold of these.

It was war they wanted, and war they got, but they wilted in the heat when my uzi got hot.

Sweep the leg, Johnny.

I've always loved this photograph of Belle And Sebastian. It is timeless and classic and makes me want to be there.

There is nothing quite as satisfying as finding something after wanting it for so long, especially when it's meaningful, nostalgic, and an item you once had and lost.
But with that sigh of relief, moment of elation, and temporary quieting of the mind comes the inevitable, insatiable need for the next thing to fill that Paypal shaped hole.
Now if I can just find the Rector corduroy shorts from the same period in either yellow and red or yellow and blue, I'm not picky.

Red Max Schaaf 4Q Conditioning edition Vans Syndicate in fireproof suede/leather. When all the stores are sold out of your size, sometimes you have to dig a bit on the interweb, and once I spent a day kickin' around in the black ones, I just had to buy these.  An amazing update on the half Cab, and one of the top 5 best skate shoes of all time. Period.

The black ones.

And I'd be lying if I told you that having a choice of these two sets to rock on the Trump didn't sweeten the deal. Now if I can only get Max to paint my tank and fender...

Monday, March 2, 2009

The cops passed by, but he stayed calm, cause the leather trench coat was keepin' him warm.

Far from a hybrid, not exactly practical, and still, I long for this automobile.
Behold....the 1970 Chrysler 300.
In my eyes, the ultimate Mopar.
I had it all worked out where I was going to buy the cleanest, most epic one you could ever have the pleasure of seeing, however, when the kind gentleman who owned the vehicle phoned his car-less friend he had loaned said car to, she informed him that she had SOLD IT. 
If you think I was bummed, imagine how he felt. 
I searched every Craigslist country-wide the week it was sold. Nada.
I suspect it's garaged somewhere while the lucky recipient/bastard laughs his/her ass off. 
If you see it, hit me up. It's black with blue and orange pinstriping down the side...(and not a Hearst model as shown).

Besides being the aforementioned "Kind Gentleman" above, the man exuding classic 80's b-boy below is none other than Vincent "Prince Vince" Gallo as featured on the beyond rare and way-ahead-of-it's-time, "Graffiti Rock". 

British steel.
Triumph Tiger 500.

If you don't know who the man below is, then you need  to ask somebody, and if you do and think there's a cooler motherfucker around, you better apologize too.

And the luckiest guy in show business is.......

When people ask me about the hair metal days, I tell them I was deep in hip hop and lucky to have missed it.
So while you and your friends were suckin' on short cans of Club Brand mixed drinks hot boxing the Celica with Aqua Net and Mex weed, we were busy livin' that good shit.