Friday, August 27, 2010

Fuckin' blue lights, read 'em their rights, drama.

Hendrix is one of those treats that you think you're gonna bum out on cause your buddy played the first two albums way too much back in the day and now you think it's all Purple Haze and all of that Axis bullshit, but when it comes down to it, if you were to throw on Electric Ladyland right now it would blow your mind.
This shot is just too good.

Finally found and downloaded the entire 1983 Topper Carew documentary that predated Breakin' AND Beat Street....Breakin' N' Enterin'.
Filmed in Los Angeles and featuring breakers in Venice Beach, at the Radiotron, and out in the streets, it features Chris "The Glove" Taylor, Ice-T, and some incredible breakdancers, among them one of my favorite crews ever, The Dominos, from Los Angeles, CA featuring Kidd Tuff, a dude who was pretty much my idol back then. Tuff was a ridiculous breaker who made the dudes from Breakin' look like Rerun from What's Happenin', and besides being a sick breaker, Tuff was also the first person to ever punch me in the face, which is pretty cool.
The soundtrack is now available on itunes, do yourself a favor and get up on this important piece of B-Boy history.

New Biltwell lid, good color, thinkin' about it.

Or the flat red. Can't decide.



Old New York City hookers are awesome, I mean, minus the whole VD, heroin and AIDS thing.

Speaking of VD.

It's official, I'm the laziest blogger ever.
Life has taken over, and child-rearing, recording an album, playing basketball, watching season after season of Friday Night Lights, writing two films and a pilot as well as trying to earn a living as a touring musician has rendered writing about shoes, motorcycles and The Hills obsolete.
I've gotta get my priorities straight.
The grey joints I've been wearing daily this summer are about to have some company.
Only 200 pairs are being sold, one to the kid.
Fingers crossed.

Just saw this old shirt that Piscitelli and Dill did.
I was both totally stoked and totally bummed that they used an image from the poster for my dad's gay biker flick, The Pink Angels, as I've been planning on doing bootleg shirts of the poster forevz. Oh well, I think I'll do it anyway, I kind of have seniority on that one.

And just in case you are wondering what movie I'm referring to...