Monday, November 1, 2010

I heard the captain's gonna sign him to Jive, and that's the truth.

Sean Carasov aka Captain Pissy.

Jogger, A&R, Los Feliz local, Mopar lover, x-porn producer, once a roadie for The Clash, Beastie Boys tour manager, grumpy English fucker, and all around great dude who helped make hip-hop great when it mattered.

You will be missed by many.

Though we weren't close, I met him at a crucial time in my life and he left a big impression. We reconnected online last year after a mutual friend took his life, and sadly, it is a year and change later that I write this in his memory.



After Shawn M. passed I was trying to find you and rap about this Matt Dike project I was dreaming about. No one knew how to find you, so I lurked hard on the Interweb and used my private eye skills and finally came across your AIM address in some sketchy 4chan K-hole and added it to my buddy list. Every day your screen name said, "away", but I still sent messages, just patiently waiting for it to pop up one day.

Finally after probably a month or so, there you were, and you'll never know how stoked I was when your name finally showed as "online". I hit you and we typed for the better part of 30 minutes. We caught up and you told me how you'd spent the years since I'd seen you and I told you what was up on my end. We laughed about the onslaught of porn and racially charged words and images that popped up and overtook my computer like a fucking virus when I found an Anonymous link that you were responsible for, I told you how epic it was that you were the first of that organization to unmask yourself, and that only you would have the balls to pull something like that. You told me about Thailand, your struggles with Lyor and the music business, and most poignantly, we discussed your last days with Shawn.

You told me that you were just up the road from each other, and that you were both sick and had taken to trading meds, something you found most amusing. It brought me solace and some comfort the stories you told me of how you and Mortensen stayed close, and it was nice as one old acquaintance passed, I was back in contact with another. It is equally tragic that you both were in so much pain that you felt the need to check out the way you did. (I wonder if you both spoke of this?).

Though we were never close, it pains me to think that this is the way you wanted it to go. We met through Sophia Chang, hip-hop and music, and you walked me into some amazing situations that I'll never forget. I called Jarobi when I heard, and we both didn't know what to say, what can you say?

You were the funniest, most fucked up, craziest dude in Los Angeles. You were the King of Los Feliz before anyone even thought of moving East, the OG Mopar lover, a jogging fanatic, porn-loving, crabby and wonderful son of a bitch. You will be missed by many, and I hope you and our other Shawn are laughing together peacefully.

Lots of love,