Saturday, February 28, 2009

Most kids accept this as cool, I exit cause I'm an exception to the rule.

Rear fender not yet mounted, seat pan ready for neoprene and tuck & roll zodiac,  all wiring and plumbing disconnected, and in need of a top end rebuild from Dan and Curtis at F.A.G. 
1956 Triumph Trophy Bird. 
So close...

1971 Biker flick about a cross dressing MC on the run from some 1%ers and the law. Made two years before I was born....

...and starring my dad. (Not the fat white dude rocking the swazi, the brother with the fro in the back).

Really feeling this. I recommend you hit Amazon or the evil Itunes and download you some Jacksons, pronto. 

For Cuzzy. 
When reading email and facemail, I often feel like Rosemary must have felt right here.