Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm on the one mission, to get a politician to honor or he's a goner, by the time I get to Arizona.

Basic Instinct has been on cable a lot lately.
My favorite part of the flick isn't the crotch shot, it's the locations in SF.
Michael Douglas shoots almost every film there, always has.
Although I dig it, I think I like San Francisco better in the movies than in person.
On another note, I like this picture.

This was a really important album for me as a kid.
Looking back, the movie probably did more harm than good, teaching middle class white kids in middle America what was lurking on the other side of town and providing a manual for how to dress, talk, and behave like a gangster.
I'd say this Dennis Hopper classic was ground zero for the "wankster".
Speaking of Hopper, "Billy" really dissed the ole' lady with the deathbed divorce thing.
Harsh toke to swallow after 13+ years of marriage.


So nice, I gave it to you twice.

These lovely brass dog bone risers are up for auction on Ebay as we speak.
I happen to be selling them.
You should buy them so I can finish my bike.

Also on ebay right now is one of my favorite bikes on the interweb.
Never seen it in person, and now I doubt I ever will, but some lucky bidder is gonna come up on this beauty.

Happy birthday, brother. Thank you.

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