Thursday, October 8, 2009

See I'm programmed to slam, winter, summer, spring or fall.

Nobody was as cool as Travolta in the 70's.

Except maybe the dude holding this glow stick.

Or Robert DeGrimston.

Rime/Jersey Joe.
Known Gallery.
Act like you know.

Top 5.
And I saw it performed live before the album came out.
Universal Amphitheater, Dope Jam Tour.
Age has it's benefits, bitches.

Best shoe ever.
The photo doesn't even do it justice.
A black canvas wino with brown gum rubber sole.
Totally gangster.
Even with a waffle-stomping size 12 like mine it doesn't look too big or cumbersome.
Thin, look great when pants fall on them, light, but not sketchy to skate in...basically, perfect.
The details, from the stitching, to the DIXON on the back all make it totally incredible.

For me, the real indicator of a great piece of clothing or shoe is when I first try it on, I immediately want an extra one to store in the closet for when I thrash the one I'll be wearing everyday.

I don't wear baseball hats, but if I did, I'd wear this.
If you have one, give it to me.

The best part of coming home from tour.

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