Monday, August 17, 2009

Can it be that it was all so simple then?

If AIR was an American band, this is what they would sound like.

It all makes so much sense now.

Little Darlings. Though it missed the 70's by a few months, I think it embodies the feeling of the late 70's more than the early 80's, which is more Meatballs.
A staple of the era for teen girls, and a dream flick for young boys who like myself were unaware that the boyish charm exuding from Kristy McNichol was hardcore lesbianism.

As former hottest chick of the decade Jodie was going wild in the streets of L.A. in Foxes, Tatum had gone from cute as a button tween playing for the Bears, to hottest chick on the screen who would later give even her father inappropriate wood.

For you trivia geeks, Cynthia Nixon, famous for being a cast member in the most horrible thing to ever happen to television which almost single-handedly ruined the way women think, shop, and speak - Sex And The City, is pictured just to the left of Kristy Mc.

And in the back row center is Alexa Kenin, a face you may recognize from numerous after school specials, Gimme A Break, Facts Of Life, and most famously as one of the mean rich girls who gave Andie a hard time in Pretty In Pink.
Tragically, she was murdered in her Manhattan apartment by her ex-boyfriend in 1986.
Pretty In Pink was dedicated to her memory.

On a lighter note, who's the chesty fox to her right?
Actually, strike that. I'm sure she's married with fat kids, has cankles and wears gunt jeans while bargain hunting grape drink at Big Lots!.

The real question is who's the smiley girl with the jew-fro in the back?
She's probably hot as shit now, living in Fort Greene and rocking the Stevie Nicks 2009 look, replete with feathers, ankh necklace, headband and whose sangria demeanor keeps her from being overly discriminative about who gets to see The Vajj.
It's always the sleeper, never the one you expect.

Though it seems like a shot snapped in the basement of 54, this is actually a living person blazing awesome in the present day.
Malik Pointer.
Photo gaffled from Geoff Moore's fb page.


  1. ha this is mint! I had a whole lot of fun reading it.

  2. "gaffled from Geoff Moore's fb page" - hahaha. nice blog justin. now I know where it's at.