Sunday, July 26, 2009

They claim we're products from the bottom of hell.

While looking for a shoulder holster on ebay and I came across this.
File under: Wow.

Heath Kirchart. Total legend, and the guy responsible for so many young skateboarders riding Harleys, whether on the Emerica tours or otherwise.
The downturned pipes in wrap look super evil and makes me wanna punch things.
I was gonna caption this, "killing it on 4 wheels or 2", but that would be pretty gay.
Too late.
Poached from Epicly later'd, thanks Patrick.

It's been a long time coming, and after months of scouring, many lost auctions and one brutally hot afternoon at the LBC swap, I have finally scored the chrome dog bones I've been lusting after.
For running on 1" bars, 3.5" rise, and most importantly, either the cleanest N.O.S. I've ever seen, or someone is repro'ing these hecka perf. Either way, I'm into it.

And while I've been typing, I also won these.
For 7/8" bars (which is what I currently have, but I wanted to get the 1" setup pictured above just in case I wanted to make custom bars, in which case I'd do 1" cause they look and feel more aggressive and solid).
These are a 4" rise, which would look sick with the ill headlight I'm probably gonna run. (I still owe you for that one, Beans, I haven't forgot).

So if you were one of the 100+ schmos watching either set of these today and wondered where they went, I say to you, "refresh" suckas. I ate shit on the swap-meet-killer known as ebay for months, and today was my time to shine, so bite the weenie - with relish.

These are genuine Flanders, the others, not so sure, but I care about as much as a sushi chef works on Monday.

But fear not, whichever pair I don't use will be sold along with some other bullshit I've been stockpiling that I don't need, so there you go, as Grand Puba once said and JT reiterated, "what goes around comes back around again."

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