Friday, July 24, 2009

Got gear I wear, for everyday, boutiques from France to the USA.

This isn't gonna be a heavy post, so I will save the real talk on Dash for another post along with the hundreds of amazing photos I've been amassing.
Purple supplement book.
Very happy, it's my anniversary present to myself.

Along with these beautiful black, Jason Jessee Vans Syndicate joints that were so me that my boy Casey at Val Surf called to ask my size the moment they arrived. He was right.

The moto/workboot hook-eyelets are a nice touch.

A little too, Waingro and "Hey brother", but I like it.

The notch back upper = super cozy skating and riding.

In other Killing It news, Eric Brunetti over at Fuct and SSDD is pretty much the most inspiring dude out there right now, in my not so humble opinion.
Most of this stuff has been around for a minute, but I still get pumped every time I peep it, and now the obsession has bubbled over and I just had to hit him up and get my hands on some.

I've always been more into the whole Patty Hearst thing than the Manson girl trip. Maybe I'm a softy, but rich girl newspaper heir turned black revolutionary bank robbing moll is a lot sexier than scumbag Midwest hippie drifter chick with a dirty party vadge killing innocent people.
I dunno, call me crazy.

The Nam patch thing is epic.

And the Vanishing point name tag and AMA vs. 1% patch riff is genius.

And finally, while my lovely wife was picking out her anniversary presents at Panty Raid, I stumbled upon an interesting boutique I'd never seen before on Hillhurst, Steven Alan. Lots of good plaid, a few seersucker pieces, the occasional pair of pants, but mostly just really nice shirts with great cuts.
Thanks baby, it's my new favorite everyday shirt. Happy 2nd anniversary!

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