Sunday, May 17, 2009

Consider my raw demeanor the icing on the cake, I'm grindin'.

I just realized that after I changed my screenname on Twitter from justinhell to justinwarfield, I neglected to change the link on my blog as well.
The result of this act of neglect on my part was a stream of tweets from an individual with my old screenname who felt compelled to share the following sentiments with the world....

"recovering from a crazy, practice, and so much bro love hahaha" - about 2 hours ago
"fuck blink played tonight but i got there too late!!!" - 2 days ago
"fuck T-mobile!!!!! ughhhh"- 3 days ago

Riveting. Needless to say I am going to change the link so that it mirrors MY twitter account, lest you think I turned into a serious Blink fan, and I don't mean Gladwell.

Substitute Goobers for chocolate covered pieces of evil your people call raisins, and this could be the perfect meal.

I fucking miss these.

A Gallup poll conducted earlier this year shows that only 39% of Americans believe in Evolution. 

The Sunset Fairfax yard. 
I used to live a few blocks away in the hills above, and would often visit while this piece was running. 
I still think it's one of the best "Letters" pieces I've ever seen in LA.
Rise, KSN.

And the accompanying character. I've never been much of a "Character" guy, but besides being indicative of the time (I'm guessing 88'-89') the chrome on the rearview, the blacked out sky behind, and just the clean lines and style in general made it kill. 
That, and it was done by Rev, KSN.

It was just my wife's birthday. 
Her dear friend and I threw a huge surprise party for her, it was a rager, and I'm not the rager type. 
When I was 11 and this film came out, I knew that when I finally found my girl, I wanted it to feel just like this picture, and nothing less than a Julie of my own would do. 
On our wedding day, after we were pronounced man and wife, we kissed, and "Melt With You" played.


Thanks to an interview with 4Q Max in Street Chopper Magazine, I learned of Dave Mann. 
I'm in.


  1. There is a good doughnut shop in Burbank, on Magnolia, between Buena Vista and Victory, Doughnut Hut, Magnolia and Keystone...

  2. aww drive in's... so sad
    I remember that one. My mom use to sneak me & my sisters in there.