Thursday, September 12, 2013

Schizophrenic like Syd Barret, on one. Edgar Allen Ho screamin', "Reynolds", on one.

So happy to share with you the first video from the artist I've been working with for over a year now. 

It has been an amazing experience watching her grow from an incredible but raw MC to a gifted songwriter and person with a bank account (but still no driver's license). 

I'm so proud of our über-talented girl, Nova Paholek and all the hard work she's done to get here. Congratulations kid, and to the best team in the world, Jensen Karp & Evan Kidd Bogart, let's do this. 

Produced by Chest Rockwell, managed by Jensen Karp (Hot Karl, y'all), and Executive Produced by Evan Bogart and myself, I present to you Nova Rockafeller in, "Problem".

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