Friday, August 5, 2011

If I played guitar I'd be Jimmy Page, the girlies I like are underage.

For sale is a 2000 Custom Shop Gibson ES446. (I think I'm dating this correct, but the serial number is clear in the pic if you would like to double check yourself).

What I can tell you is this is a clean custom shop guitar that is no longer made, it is rare, and it is in very good condition.

If you don't know about this guitar, it's somewhere between a Les Paul, a Johnny A, and a thinner, easier to play ES 137. It's does from warm and jazzy to rocking out. Acoustically it is super loud and resonant when not plugged in, and won't disappoint when it is.

2 humbuckers, , fully hollow body. The top and braces are carved from spruce, and the body is carved out of mahogany (at least that's what I read, I don't know).

The color is a strange variation on the standard sunburst, where the red is a bit more burgundy and the yellow is deep. This could be due to age or simply how it came straight from the Gibson Custom Shop.

Overall it's in good shape, sounds great, and has a terrific vibe - easy to play, light as hell, nice neck, all it needs is a setup and some fresh strings.

Only marks or blemishes are some minor marks near the straplock (see photo below), some dulling on the metal hardware, and light wear on the front and back from playing and not sitting in a case. Apart from that, the bone colored plastic circle that sits outside the toggle for pickups is missing. This is easy, and I probably have the part somewhere, but I didn't want to take apart the toggle as I knew I'd be fighting to get the stuff to stay in place once it was unscrewed. I'm not a tech, I'm a musician, so I leave that to the pros.

The pickups are great, the electronics in good working order, and it's ready to go.

The tuners (as seen in the pix) aren't original, as someone replaced them with Grovers, and once it's set up it stays in tune pretty well.

I've had it for years and would hate to part with it, but I have to finish my bike and have other guitars....and you can't hang on to all of em!

Comes with the original custom shop case (The outside is a little beat up from touring, but still in good shape). The guitar has been kept in a studio for the better part of the last 5 years, and I've used it on many recordings with my band.

All in all it's a really unique and rare guitar in great shape. If you're a collector looking for guitar show quality with zero imperfections then this is not your guitar, but if you want a really nice hollow body in great shape to actually play and not just hang on the wall, this is all you.

I would like to sell it privately, but if need be it can be listed on the bay.

Any questions message me on here or email me at -

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